New Children’s Theater to help

With so many wonderful initiatives being done to help combat child hunger in the Mountain State, JCFilms has a creative way to help using our students quarantined at home over the next few weeks.

JCFilms is a West Virginia based Christian production company that has produced a dozen or so faith and family films in West Virginia. In addition, its President, Jason Campbell and local Restaurateur, Daniel Watts are partnering with actor Dean Cain in creating to end child hunger in West Virginia.

During the quarantine, JCFilms is offering students stuck at home to become part of a Dinner Theater Production. The show is a hilarious who-dun-it mystery entitled “Mayhem at Bridgeport Manor” and will be performed once school resumes.

Jason Campbell explains, “While kids are at home over the next several weeks why not have them be part of a play to help end child hunger. Once they register, they can read the script, get casted as a character, learn the lines, and rehearse at home. Then, when the ‘all clear’ happens, the students will perform the play before a live audience with proceeds going to Feed It will be several nights of mystery, mayhem, and spaghetti.”

This is a free activity for students and every student that registers and learns his or her lines can participate. For more information, please go to: